How to Use an Adelaide Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Properly – A Quick Guide

Do you know what a chainsaw is? How about a chainsaw chain sharpener? While the name already gives it away, the trust is that many people don’t even know what a chainsaw chain sharpener is. They also have no idea how to use one. If you have a dull chainsaw lying in your shack that you want to use, make sure you get an Adelaide chainsaw chain sharpener to make it serviceable in no time. But before you head to your favourite hardware store, you need to know some tips on how to use it properly. With that said, follow these simple tips now to learn how to use and manage a chainsaw chain sharpener properly.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Make sure you consider your safety first before starting the operation. So make sure you wear safety gear to protect the delicate areas of your body. Wear work gloves to protect your hands and fingers while using your chainsaw chain sharpener. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles to make sure your eyes are protected from small particles and debris. Make sure you’re already wearing your safety gear even before you start using your chainsaw chain sharpener.

Preparing the Chainsaw Chain

Before you begin the sharpening process, you must make sure your chainsaw chain sharpener tool is installed and stabilized onto the worktable. This process depends on the type of chainsaw chain sharpening tools that you have. However, whatever model you’re using, you should always remember to turn the chain brake on to secure the line where your chainsaw chain will be inserted. Clamp the nose bar to stabilize the entire tool and make sure the sharpener will stay firmly in place. You will also make sure that you can use both hands while working.

Follow the Manual that comes with the Chainsaw

Every Adelaide chainsaw chain sharpener comes with a manual. Make sure you follow each instruction carefully. Once you manage to follow each instruction correctly, you can guarantee that your chainsaw blades will be sharp again. The arrows that are shown on the instruction manual points to the nose bar. At this point, you’ve already set your chainsaw chain sharpener. The only thing you need to do now follows the angle suggested by the manual. Move your file across the work area and repeat the process at least two times or until you see a shiny, silver gleam on the metal blades of your chainsaw.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sharpened your chainsaw chain using an Adelaide chainsaw chain sharpener.