Extended Charters

Enjoy a fishing challenge with Barramundi Fishing Charters Darwin. Within 260km of Darwin you will find some of Australia’s most exciting waterways.

Barramundi Fishing Charters Darwin offers 4 extended fishing safaris, from 3 to 5 days duration, visiting a range of Top End fishing hot spots.

  • Runoff Charter to Shady Camp
  • All Tackle Sportfishing Extended Charter
  • Corroboree Billabong/Bynoe Harbour Combo
  • Daly River Experience
  • Prices

Mary River System
Mary River System flows to the coast at Chambers Bay where incredible fishing action takes place on all tides. When the flood plains start to empty we use soft rubbers, cast to the flood waters and slowly retrieve to imitate the myriad of food that is found there. Trolling large 12 inch lures and rubbers proved popular in 2006 with many large barra falling to these methods.

Saltwater and freshwater fishing options are available. Between February and April, you have the opportunity to fish the incredible run off as flood waters start to recede, and the barramundi liven up for the supply of aquatic treats.

From the mouth of Sampan there are deep holes that produce good size jewfish. This style of saltwater fishing is an added bonus to the great barra fishing opportunities in the region.

Corroboree Billabong/Bynoe Harbour
Or fish the freshwater Corroboree billabong from April to October for Barramundi and Saratoga. This picturesque waterway is abundant with wildlife and flora. Bynoe Harbour offers fantastic estuary and bluewater fishing options and fishes well from May to November.

Daly River
The Daly River is best fished after the wet season when the river water levels are quite high and small creeks are flowing as a result of the run-off. The Daly River is home to the Barra Nationals and Barra Classic. This picturesque waterway makes its way from the floodplains in Kakadu. The mighty Daly River has all ingredients needed to test the anglers on many sunken trees and logs along this river. As far as barra go this river is one of the constant producers of quality fish.

Trolling, casting, jigging and bait methods of fishing are employed. Good quality equipment including rods, reels and braid fishing line are provided, along with top tuition for the novice to ensure a great day on the water. Tackle is provided on a replace if lost or damaged basis.

The vessels are surveyed with full canopies for protection against the Northern Territory elements, and a catch and release policy is promoted to preserve our local fish stocks.

Licences and bag and size limits
When fishing in the Northern Territory, you do not require a fishing license, but the Territory is subject to bag and size limits.

Prices for Extended Fishing Charters – 2007

 3 days
4 days
Prices are per person
Booking and cancellation fees apply
Prices are based on minimum 3 passengers and maximum 8 passengers. Sole charter rates and prices for less than 3 passengers are available upon request. 

Runoff Charter to Shady Camp

Explore Shady Camp, 200 kilometres from Darwin, as you go in search of the mighty barramundi. Cast lures and get ready to be connected to one of the most explosive fish, which often jumps clear out of the water. Its powerful surging runs and fighting ability will get your adrenalin pumping. Barra upwards of 20 kilograms are not uncommon at this time of the year, and show the aggressive nature of the species. At the end of the day, relax by the pool at your lodge style accommodation, and toast a great days fishing.

Whilst fishing at Shady Camp we choose to stay at the Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge or on one of the many motherships anchored at the mouth of the Mary River System.

All Tackle Sportfishing Extended Charter

Fish Bynoe Harbour for Barramundi, mangrove Jack, salmon, snapper, jewfish, queenfish, trevally and more. Bluewater and estuary fishing options are available if you pick the right tides. Crabbing opportunities in the estuaries close to Crab Claw Island are available if the tides and moon phase permits.

The region offers opportunities for the sportfisher to use high speed casting lures and poppers. Tuna and mackerel succumb to trolling techniques using similar lures. Sight fishing around the many islands on neap tides for queenfish, barramundi and tarpon. Jewfish and Golden Snapper live in deep holes in the harbour and are targeted on tides of 4metre movement.

The region is an all round sportfishing location with different fish species being targeted on different tides and times of the year.

Corroboree Billabong/Bynoe Harbour Combo

Enjoy an extended safari with a combination of salt and fresh water fishing. On the first day Corroboree Billabong is the location which is famous for its Barramundi and Saratoga and fishes well in the cooler months of the year. This is the home to abundant crocodiles, buffalo and birdlife. Travel by road to Bynoe Harbour and target Salmon, snapper, queenfish, trevally and the mighty Barramundi. Mudcrabs are captured on the right tides.

Accommodation at Bynoe Harbour is at the Crab Claw Island Fishermans Village.

Daly River Experience

This four day experience explores the Daly River, home of the Barra Nationals and Barra Classic each year, an excellent barramundi haunt. As the river floods on an annual basis each year it fishes differently due to the movement of snags in the river. Trolling techniques are predominantly used and lures are cast into the tannin coloured run-offs. This makes for exciting fishing and is definitely a fishing opportunity of a lifetime.