Mothership and Other Charters

Bathurst Island Mothership Adventure
5 days

The trip of a lifetime
This trip of a lifetime focuses on Bathurst Island and the Aspley Straits. This Strait separates the Tiwi Islands (Melville and Bathurst) and this magnificent area has the best of what you would expect from a tropical fishing paradise with some thirty (30) species of fish waiting to be caught.

The Ultimate chance to chase wild Barra on the dropping tides or stalk that thread fin salmon on the many tidal mud flats is just hours from Darwin. Fish until you drop catch magnificent mud crabs and wash all that down with a cold beer or wine as the sun goes down.

Modern fishing techniques
Modern fishing techniques are adopted in this pristine area. Large Golden Snapper and Jew fish have succumbed to the new deep water rubber jigging revolution and specimens of 5-10 kilo have been landed on our last visit. If catching a monster Queen Fish, Mangrove Jack or getting stretched by a giant Trevally on a surface popper is your wish, then we can help fill that dream.

Recently we have been able to get our hands on the new colourful jigs from Halco and have favourable results once the fish have gone off conventional lures still more field testing to be done.

Tidal influences
This area has large tidal influences and getting the right combination is a very large affect on your fishing results. Please ask our friendly staff for information on the best moon and tide combinations. Best results are achieved with the tides coming from the neap tides (small) over your stay increasing in size increasing in size.

Fish to catch
Among the type of fish you can expect to catch are;

  • Barramundi
  • Mangrove Jack
  • Jewfish
  • Golden Snapper
  • Threadfin Salmon
  • Giant Trevally
  • Turrum
  • Pikey Bream
  • Northern Longtail Tuna
  • Mouri Sea Perch
  • Cobia
  • Queenfish
  • Coral Trout
  • Tarpon
  • Queensland Grouper, and
  • Estuary Cod

to name a few of the major species. Mud crabs are plentiful on the right tides in the estuaries and crab pots are provided.

Spectacular scenery
This region has spectacular scenery and is abound with Aboriginal culture.

In the past we have offered the 10 day charter as a combined 5/10 day charter to groups where some of the party who have limited time are able to spend (5 days) on the Mothership. In this instance these members either join the Mothership in Darwin and depart from Melville Island or fly in and join the Mothership on Melville Island. This option is offered as the 5 day Mothership option.

Prices from:

 Prices start from $3500 per day
Booking and cancellation fees apply 

Several charter companies operate out of Darwin to the reefs outside of Darwin Harbour.


Charters usually start at 6.30 am and leave from the Cullen Bay Marina which is only a short taxi fare from most city hotels.


Vessels are modern, fast and reach the fishing destinations within 1½ hours. These vessels are licensed to carry up to 14 passengers. All vessels are surveyed to Northern Territory survey standards.


Most fishing grounds are within 30 kilometres off Darwin. Fish you can expect to encounter include mackerel, trevally, jewfish, golden snapper, reef fish and most pelagic species.


All bait and tackle is provided. Charter operators use rods and reels and braid fishing line. Meals are provided on most charters. Be sure to check at the time of booking.

Skippers of the vessels are fully qualified and have a thorough knowledge of tides, the most productive times for fishing, and the fishing grounds.

Proposed trips should be discussed prior to setting dates to take advantage of the best tides to ensure that your trip is as successful as you would wish.


 Prices range from $200 per person per day